Summer Program

Summer Program

At Children’s Manor and Children’s Magnet Montessori Schools, our Summer Program curriculum is based on weekly themed activities, enrichment programs, and field trips to engage children in a fun, educational way. 

Research has shown that summer learning loss (the loss of skills and knowledge over long summer breaks) can impact students of all ages. Our educational summer programs play an important role in continuing the growth and development of a student’s social-emotional and academic skills and knowledge.

Summer Enrichment Programs

We offer a variety of enrichment programs throughout the summer, including art, music, sports, technology, and yoga.

Summer 2024 Weekly Themes

The Summer 2024 Program will run from June 24, 2024 – August 23, 2024.

Week 1: Building A Peaceful World

Our character lessons this week will focus on building empathy through imagination, developing confidence and resilience through storytelling, and expressing emotions with kindness. Students will spend time doing yoga and breathing exercises, conflict resolution role modeling, practicing grace and courtesy skills, and completing a community service project as a class as they work to build a beautiful world together.

Week 2: America the Beautiful

Journey through history learning about America’s path to independence. From the Founding Fathers to the Star-Spangled Banner, students will enjoy reliving stories about America’s past and the freedoms we are grateful to celebrate today.

Week 3: To Infinity and Beyond

Blast across space to visit each planet and then navigate through the star-studded Milky Way galaxy. From identifying the Big Dipper in the night sky to observing the many rings around Saturn, students will need to use their math, science, and artistic skills to grasp the vast expansiveness of outer space.

Week 4: Music That Moves Us

Move and groove to these tunes while learning how the rhythmic nature of music can be used to tell a story, to celebrate, or even commemorate a specific event. We will enjoy listening to powerful music performances from around the world and across time as we discuss the emotions these artistic endeavors evoke. Students will even try their hand at putting together their own classroom band!

Week 5: STEMsational

Come along as we find out how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are all an integral part of the things we do each and every day! Programs and activities will engage students’ imaginations and motivate them to work as a team to come up with possible solutions to real-world everyday problems.

Week 6: The Olympic Torch

In honor of this year’s Olympic Games, students will learn all about this international sporting event that draws in millions of participants every four years! Students will develop their coordination skills while participating in various sports and athletic activities. They will get their hearts pumping as they learn the rules, regulations and goals of each game. All activities will reinforce the importance of good physical health, as well as the importance of a strong team and good sportsmanship

Week 7: Global Art

Our journey around the world will provide students with hands-on opportunities to explore and experience a diverse array of painting, sculpting, designing, and other forms of expressive art! We will examine the geographic location, culture, meaning, and history behind each creative piece, and our young artists will follow the historical developments in art style and media over time.

Week 8: My Maryland

You don’t need to travel far to have fun! This week we focus on all that makes Maryland unique - from learning about Blue Crabs and their local habitats, celebrating historical figures born here such as Harriet Tubman and Francis Scott Key, and recognizing the accomplishments of some famous fowl (Go Orioles and Ravens!), we’ll have a blast learning what makes our state great.

Week 9: Under the Sea

We’ll dive right into learning about the care and exploration of marine environments through ocean-themed activities, water experiences and hands-on crafts. From learning about the composition of salt water to exploring the mysterious plants and animals that thrive deep down in the depths of the ocean (as well as those living in our own local waterfront areas!), there’s a ton to ‘sea’ during this week of adventure.