Little boy learning at Children's Magnet Montessori school.

Enrichment Programs at CMMS

At Children’s Manor and Children’s Magnet, we strive to develop children holistically from academic progression to age-appropriate social, emotional development and cognitive development. As a result, our education model has incorporated Enrichment Programs into the daily schedule as part of your child’s education, in addition to the core Montessori learning areas and our proprietary M+ curriculum.

Our enrichment programs include:

  • Spanish/2nd Language: Vocabulary & phrases, conversation, comprehension, composition
  • Computer Science: Basic computer skills including introduction of Office and introductory coding for primary children and up
  • Library Media: Literature enrichment, author study
  • Music: Singing and movement with music fundamentals theory
  • Yoga: Develop fine and gross motor skills through traditional and modified yoga techniques
  • Reading Readiness: One-on-one coaching to increase reading skills for Kindergarten
  • Art: Drawing, painting, sculpture and crafts
  • Speciality Programs: Many of our locations also offer other specialty programs such as soccer, tennis and dance

Participation in enrichment activities, in addition to keeping children engaged and positive about school, has shown to have positive effects on students’ academic success and social-emotional development. For example, there is strong correlation between music education and math skills, and learning a second language has been associated with higher cognitive skills. Participation in sports and group activities also help children develop social skills and navigate group environments with confidence, empathy and friendship.