STEM Challenge – Egyptian Pyramid Challenge

Next week you are going to learn about the Ancient Egyptians and their pyramids!  Egyptian architecture is as mesmerizing in the 21st century as it must have been mystifying when they were initially constructed. The pyramids were constructed of massive stone blocks, some as tall as a person, which were stacked layer by layer.  And so will ours – however on a slightly smaller scale!

    • 6 (or more) Plastic Cups (they hold up better than paper cups do for this activity.)
    • Rubberband
    • String/Yarn
    • Group of 2-4 people – invite your siblings or parents to join you for this one!
    1. Tie 2-6 pieces of string (depending on how many people are doing the activity) to your rubber band.  Each piece of string should be approximately 2 feet (1/2 meter) in length. The object of the game is to use the cups to build a pyramid.
    2. Participants can only use the rubber band and string tool to pick up and move the plastic cups.  You may not use any part of your body to directly touch the cups.
    3. Working together, pull the strings to stretch the rubber band and slip it over a cup. By letting the rubberband tighten around the cup you can work together to move it.
    4. Each team member must work together, adjusting the tension on the string, to get the cups picked up and placed correctly to create a pyramid.

It might take you a few tries to figure out the best way to work together to lift and place the cups one by one.  You’ll need to use your skills in problem-solving and communication, as well as creativity to finish your pyramid.

Thank you to The Water Lily Way for the activity idea!