Our Programs

We offer a range of programs for children – from infant care (6 weeks of age) to elementary school – in an academically rigorous yet caring and supportive Montessori environment that emphasizes the development of the whole child. 
Our programs are led by qualified teachers and administrators, based on research-based pedagogy and child development best practices with continuity and consistency across the age groups. In our programs, students develop fundamental academic and life skills that play an important role throughout their lives. We take a personalized approach so that each student advances at their own pace, regardless of his/her level of ability, learning style, or social maturity.
Teacher with child at toddler programs.

Our Infant & Toddler daycare program is designed to ensure a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment and to help children develop their cognitive skills, motor skills, sensory skills, language skills, practical life skills, and social skills.

Our Montessori preschool program for children ages 2 – 3.5 years provides the building blocks for the primary years, kindergarten and beyond.

Young boy learning at the primary Montessori programs.

Our Montessori preschool program for children ages 3.5 – 5 years is designed to meet the physical, cognitive and social needs intrinsic to children at this age and prepare them for Kindergarten and Elementary success.

Children learning at the kindergarten Montessori programs.

In our Honors & Kindergarten program, each child further develops concentration, motivation, persistence, and discipline through their work.

The Elementary school program at Children’s Manor and Children’s Magnet goes beyond mere content and facts to emphasizing conceptual thinking, interdisciplinary learning and critical thinking.

Two boys at a summer program in Maryland.

Our Summer Program curriculum is based on weekly themed activities and enrichment programs to engage children in a fun, educational way.

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