Montessori Thanksgiving Turkey Activity

Thanksgiving is the season for expressing gratitude for our family, friends, and so much more. We are thankful for our CMMS family and love sharing fun activities for our students. Let’s reinforce our fine motor skills and color a turkey that you can make at home!




      1. Print out our free Thanksgiving Turkey template.
      2. Cut out each piece of the turkey.
      3. Trace around each piece of the turkey on colored construction paper. 
          • Brown – head and body
          • Red, Orange, Yellow – feathers
          • Orange – beak, feet
          • Red – snood 
      4. Cut your traced colored construction paper.
      5. Glue the feathers first in an arch-shape.
      6. Glue the body and head on top of the feathers.
      7. Glue on the eyes, beak, snood, and feet.


We can’t wait to see your turkey! Share your creations with us on social media or email marketing@childrensmanor.com. Check out our Montessori Thanksgiving Reel for visual instructions!