Celebrating Black History Month 2024

In our Montessori classrooms, we mirror Maria Montessori’s passion for peace and understanding among diverse groups and value discussion on social reform inside of the classroom. Our Montessori classrooms include lessons and visual representations that introduce students to different countries and cultures, and various cultural events are celebrated throughout the year. Staff and students from different backgrounds are encouraged to share their customs and traditions. In celebration of Black History Month, our students are focusing on Black Heroes & Inventors. Below we’ve showcased some of the work our students have done during the month of February.

Rosa Parks

February 4th is Rosa Parks’ birthday, the Mother of the Freedom Movement who fought for equality through peaceful protesting. Students learned how Rosa didn’t give up her seat on the bus and how she persevered in the face of adversity and never waivered.

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Harriet Tubman

The Underground Railroad was created by activist and abolitionist, Harriet Tubman, in an effort to lead her people out of slavery. A series of secret routes and safe houses offered shelter to African Americans escaping slavery in the south. Harriet led groups to freedom with her unwavering guidance and support by using the “drinking gourd,” aka the Big Dipper as their North star, guiding them to safety. Students drew their own guiding Big Dipper constellation in honor of Harriet’s dedication to her community and their safety.

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Garrett Morgan

Students immersed themselves into the history of engineering by learning about a prominent inventor and businessman, Garrett Morgan. Morgan is most well-known for his creation of the three-light traffic signal! Using different colored paper and glue our students were able to create their own traffic lights in celebration of Morgan’s invention.

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 Althea Gibson

Althea Gibson was an American tennis player and professional golfer. She was one of the African Americans to win a Grand Slam event in 1956 and then the following year she won both Wimbledon and the US Nationals. She is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame as well as the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame. She also became the first Black player to compete on the Women’s Professional Golf Tour.

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