stem challenge

STEM Challenge Week 18

Next week’s Summer Program theme is STEMsational! Let’s get ready for next week by trying the classic egg drop experiment! Visit our blog every Thursday to see our latest STEM challenge and share your creations on Facebook using #CMMSSTEMChallenge or by emailing marketing@childrensmanor.com

Your Goal:

Try to make a cushion which will keep your egg from breaking in a fall. Design and build a device that will hold an egg that when dropped from a height (try for 5+ ft!) the egg in the device doesn’t break. Please complete and share your photos with marketing@childrensmanor.com by Monday, August 3, 2020.

          • Eggs
          • Any materials you think will cushion your egg, such as:
            • Packaging materials
            • Tissue
            • Old t-shirts or rags
            • Recycling container goodies
            • Styrofoam
            • String
            • Bags
          • Clear Plastic Zip Bags (use this for easy clean up, and build your cushion inside of the bag and seal with tape before dropping).
          • Trash bag – you can use an unopened, folded trash bag as your landing pad for easy clean-up in case your egg breaks
What is the Science Behind This Experiment?

When you drop an egg, it gains speed as it falls. Without any protection, it hits the ground hard and fast, causing it to break. When you protect the egg by packaging it in water, newspaper, or another cushioning material, you reduce the impact of the fall on the egg. The cushion hits the ground first, which protects the egg from the full force of the impact. Whether the egg breaks depends on the amount of energy your padding system absorbs.


STEP 1: Brainstorm: Think about what materials you will want to use and gather for this experiment. How will you build your egg container so that you can protect your egg from cracking? If you chose to use the plastic zip bag method, what material can you add to the plastic bag that will protect your egg?

STEP 2: Build: Build your egg container/cushion or fill your plastic bag with items to cushion the fall. Take a photo of you with your structure to share with us! 

STEP 3: Once your structure is built or bags are filled your egg drop challenge is ready for you to test! Head outside to do your test! If you decide to make multiple egg containers or bags, make sure to drop the eggs from the same height each time. Try to see how high you can drop your egg without it breaking!

STEP 4: Results: Share your photo and results with us using #CMMSSTEMChallenge or emailing marketing@childrensmanor.com. Did you egg break? How high did you drop your egg from?