Stem Challenge: Umbrella Building Challenge

April showers bring May flowers! Since this rainy month is coming to an end, we are going to do a spring-themed activity for this week’s #CMMSSTEMChallenge! Umbrellas are extremely useful items to protect you from the rain, so in this activity, we are going to see if you can create an umbrella out of household items.

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        • Household materials you can use to build your umbrella (sponges, popsicle sticks, coffee filters, paper plates, etc.)
        • Small toys
        • Baking Tray (to contain the ‘rain’)
        • Glue, tape, string, etc
        • Watering can or water bottle
        • Scissors
        1. See if you can build a working umbrella on top of your baking tray to keep your small toys dry using the supplies you find around your home.
        2. Before building, come up with your design plan and sketch out some blueprints before proceeding. In your final photo we will want to see your blueprint next to your final prototype!
        3. Next, build your prototype. Put your small toys underneath your model; your goal is to build an umbrella that keeps your toys dry.
        4. Test your design by setting up the umbrella over the toys and gently sprinkling water onto them (a watering can works well for this).
        5. Did the toys stay dry? If not, brainstorm and create another design and/or alterations to your design to make it better. What design worked best? What designs were not as good? What were the best parts and worst parts of each design? How could you improve on them in the future?


In this open-ended STEM challenge, there isn’t one “right” answer. It’s all about accessing your creativity and knowledge to come up with a new solution for a problem. In this case, it’s how to make a better umbrella using household supplies. This challenge should make you think about what an umbrella needs to do and how you can use the materials you have on hand to keep dry during a rainstorm.

We can’t wait to see your creation! Don’t forget to send your photos of your results to marketing@childrensmanor.com by Monday, May 3rd!

Activity Credit: Raising Lifelong Learners