Stem Challenge: Time Travelers

For our next theme, Time Travelers, we will be taking inspiration from the one and only Benjamin Franklin! In his time as a money printer, Benjamin Franklin used detailed designs and special inks to prevent the creation of fake money. Let’s try our hand at creating our own secret messages with invisible ink! 

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      • 2 small bowls
      • Paper
      • Baking soda
      • Cotton swabs
      • Grape juice
      1. Measure 2 tablespoons of baking soda into your first bowl.
      2. Add 2 tablespoons of water and stir until the baking soda dissolves.
      3. Dip your cotton swab into the mixture. Using the swab, write a message onto your piece of paper.
      4. Let your invisible message dry.
      5. Pour grape juice into your second bowl.
      6. Dip a clean cotton swab into the juice and paint over your dried message. Your words should immediately become visible!

How did you do? Don’t forget to send your photos of your results to marketing@childrensmanor.com by Monday, August 2nd!

Activity Credit: Education Possible