Stem Challenge: Carbon Footprint

Since today is Earth Day, we are going to do a themed STEM activity that will teach you about carbon footprints! The definition of carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, produced as a result of our daily living. We know this might be hard to understand, so we are going to break it down in this activity!

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      1. Start by printing out the carbon footprint worksheet and coloring it if you want to! You can also do this activity on a poster board and trace or paint your own footprint in the middle.
      2. Then start thinking about what contributes to a BIG carbon footprint and write it down in the worksheet. Examples: Driving a car – burning fuel (gasoline), Flying in a plane – burning fuel (jet fuel), Wasting energy in our house by keeping all the lights on all the time – burning fuel (natural gas/coal/nuclear energy), Buying imported food – food that travels great distances – burning fuel (gasoline/jet fuel).
      3. Once you have your list of what leads to a BIG carbon footprint, start to brainstorm ways to make your carbon footprint smaller. Discuss all the alternative and environmentally friendlier choices you and your family can make.
      4. When you have brainstormed a list, use your pencil or markers to write your ideas on page 2 of the worksheet and pick at least one thing on the list to commit to as a family. Let us know what you chose as a family and send us a photo of you and your carbon footprint list!

We can’t wait to see your carbon footprint lists! Don’t forget to send your photos of your results to marketing@childrensmanor.com by Monday, April 26!

Activity Credit: Kitchen Counter Chronicles