STEM Challenge – Pumpkin Pie Fractions

This week, we are going to be making pumpkin pie fractions! A fraction is a part of a whole number, and a way to split up a number into equal parts. We are going to explore this concept by making our own moveable pumpkin pies!

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      • 4 paper plates
      • Orange paint or construction paper, or an orange marker or crayon
      • Light brown craft paint, construction paper, or marker
      • Black marker
      • Glue (if using construction paper)
      • Ruler
      • Scissors


      1. Start with the paint, construction paper, or marker. Use your light brown paint, construction paper or marker to color the ridged edges of your paper plates. This is your pie crust.
      2. Next, paint, glue your construction paper, or color the middle section of your paper plates orange. Don’t worry about making sure your lines are straight. Remember, pies never look perfect!
      3. Once your paint or glue is dry, use your ruler to divide the pie into fractions. 
        1. You first pie will be divided into half – 2 pieces
        2. Your second pie will be divided into thirds – 3 pieces
        3. Your third pie will be divided into fourths – 4 pieces
        4. Your fourth pie will be divided into eighths – 8 pieces
      4. Trace your lines with your black marker. Label each of the pies with the corresponding fraction using your marker. 
      5. Finally, cut each pie along the dividing lines & your pumpkin pies are ready!
Our 3 Challenges:
    • Pumpkin Pie Puzzles. Ask your parents to mix up your pumpkin pie pieces and then try to put each pie together. You will have to match the type of fraction and then make a whole pie. This is a great way to easily see how many of each fraction makes a whole.
    • Make equal pie wedges (or equivalent fractions). How many quarter pieces do you need to make a half piece? Use the bigger wedge as a guide to fill in with smaller pieces.
    • Make a mixed up fraction pie. See if you can make a whole pie with pieces from different pies! Can you make a whole pie using different sized fractions? Experiment to find different combinations!

Let us know which challenges you do and what you learned! Sending a photo of you and your completed pumpkin pies to marketing@childrensmanor.com by Monday, November 16!

Activity and Photo Credit: Creative Family Fun.